Stealing or stupidity?


  • A representative of a so-called respected company is calling you to discuss any collaboration possibilities.
  • Everything that you hear from the representative sound nice and exciting.
  • He is asking you to send them an email with you future plans in case that you are hired in the company.
  • You are proposing future directions/products  for the company.
  • The company advertises the products that you have proposed in a year but without you!
  • Is it stealing or stupidity?

Cyprus Government, fully upgraded!

If you want to use the Cyprus government’s portal for any reason you first need to downgrade your system.

The portal only recognizes Internet Explorer 9 and if you dared to have any other system, then you have to downgrade.

Excellent job from the government and their I.T. departments.  The funniest think is that they don’t just inform people that their systems are not up to date, they ask people to go and downgrade their systems. I wonder who is this I.T. Guru.  Take a look at the image below.

cyprus goverment

Mr Guru, I have a solution for you, download I.E. Tab for Chrome and come back again.


My work on Matrix multiplication’s single element correction has been accepted for publication at the International Online Testing Symposium 2009 (IOLTS 09). This work was held with the collaboration of Carlos A. Lisboa, Dhiraj K. Pradhan and Luigi Carro.

Title: IOLTS 09
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Link out: Click here
Description: International Online Testing Symposium
Start Date: 2009-24-06
End Date: 2009-26-06

Workshop on Analogue IC Design

Title: Workshop on Analogue IC Design
Location: STFC’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL)
Description: Introductory Tutorial Workshop on Analogue IC Design
Date: 2009-03-03


Day 1: Convene 10.00

Introduction to the Microelectronics Support Centre

The IC6 Design Framework

Schematic Design

Basic Analogue Simulation

Exploring Simulation Results

Day 2: Convene 09:15

Exploring Simulation Results (cont’d)

Sweeps and Corner Analysis

Monte Carlo Simulation

Circuit Optimisation

Day 3: Convene 09:15

Yield Improvement

Higher-level models and the Hierarchy Editor